Give These Ideas for Fun a Spin

Looking for ideas for fun in LA? Take your pick. For the art enthusiast, find Los Angeles fun and take a visit to the Getty, the envy of art museums thanks to one of the largest museum budgets in the country. (Los Angeles also just happens to feature some of the best museums in the nation.) If you like to shop or celebrity gawk, take a stroll and excursion down Rodeo Drive, one of the richest shopping areas in the country where it’s not uncommon to see celebrities roll by in sports cars. You might want to stick to window shopping, as few can afford the hundred thousand dollar price tags. If the beach is more your style, catch some rays at Venice Beach, famous for being the old hang out spot of the Doors as well as Muscle Beach that spawned the Body Builder movement. It’s the perfect beach for people watching.

LA: From Disney Land to the Night Life, Something for Everybody

Finding Los Angeles fun is as easy as opening your eyes. Nobody’s ever too old for Disney Land. You could also take in a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, renowned for its acoustics and spacious design by the famous Frank Gehry. It’s also the home of the LA Philharmonic and the LA Master Chorale, as well as many popular bands. If the night life is calling you, hit up the European-style clubs that have made LA famous, starting with the Avalon, the premier night club in Los Angeles. Some of many Ideas For Fun in LA to be had.

LA’s Nightclub Scene as Hip as It Gets

Need more Ideas For Fun in LA? Don’t forget the nightclub scene. Los Angeles late night club scene is as LA as you can get. Get your buzz on at the Elevate Lounge, where you’re literally as high as you can get dancing your butt off in the midst of LA’s tallest skyscrapers. If you’re idea of fun is getting down to hip hop on a crowded dance floor, you’ve got the Exchange in Downtown, the Playhouse up in Hollywood, or the Infusion Lounge at Universal Citywalk Hollywood. Thirsting for a designer cocktail? The Rooftop Biergarten at the Standard offers some of the most sophisticated mixed drinks in the city, as well as a gorgeous view to wash it all down.

Malibu – 27 Miles of Scenic Beauty

Ideas For Fun in LA

Los Angeles fun in the sun doesn’t always mean visiting the local spots. This is more of an obvious but not so well explored area in Los Angeles County – Malibu! We truly love the Malibu slogan because it really lives up to its potential. If you’re bound to drive through the L.A. traffic madness, take the 27 miles of scenic beauty on any given warm, sunny LA day to explore. Starting from the Santa Monica Pier, take the Pacific Coast Highway up towards Malibu. There you’ll see gigantic seaside mansions, home to various Hollywood celebrities and entertainment industry personalities alike. Some of the beaches here are private, so make sure to park near a lifeguard post; the most sure way of knowing that it’s open to the public.

Keep heading north and you’ll spot various windsurfers cruising all over the Malibu coast, having fun in the sun LA style. Once you hit Leo Carillo State Park, you could either explore the coast below or take hiking trip up on the Santa Monica Mountains for spectacular views of the coast. Whether you choose to bask in the sun on a public beach, watch the surfers glide over the waves or to simply enjoy the 27 miles of scenic beauty from the car, Malibu is a sure way to have fun in the sun, Los Angeles style.

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